Lifestyle Gardens Services

Our garden right now is gorgeous, and I am picking arrangements almost every day. We are so happy to be your old, old clients, and your crews are Super! Thank you so much!
~ Cynthia L.

Seasonal Containers

Four Seasons of Container Color

Our lasting, custom container plantings are designed with your favorite colors, scents or textures in mind. Our depth of inventory of plants, stems and decorative elements is matched by no other landscape firm. We carefully select premium plants and plant materials for optimal satisfaction.

Our unique designs are considerate of sunny or shady locations, 'micro-climate' conditions surrounding the container, and moisture-retention and watering demands.

Our Seasonal Container Services program offers these options:

  • Early Spring
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Harvest/Fall
  • Winter

Contact us to start your Seasonal Container services program.